Why Choose Us

At Christopher West Interiors, LLC., we take pride in our work and we are committed to providing state of the art interior design services that not only look good, but have a touch of elegance while being environmentally friendly.

Over 20 years experience

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Active Design Certified

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Reliable Customer Service

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What Our Clients Say

Excellent at managing multiple projects at one time. We were working on multiple projects at multiple locations. She was excellent at managing these projects while off site the majority of the time. She delegated assignments to her team allowing them to accomplish the task on their own while maintaining leadership over the project. She is excellent at managing the overall design intent while making sure the project still comes in under budget expectations.

Christine Miller Langemak

Partner, Washington Workplace, Inc.

Over the past 4+ years I have had the opportunity to work very closely with Susan Pniewski on several YMCA projects. Susan has a phenomenal understanding of keeping her clients relevant and current when it comes to design. Susan has a great knowledge of what can best work with the limits of budgets and space. Her work is always timely and accurate spending the extra time needed to ensure a successful client. There is no doubt our YMCA’s continue to get better and Susan’s work is a main component for this. I would highly recommend Susan for any project as long as you want the job done right.

Tom Button

District Vice President, YMCA

Christopher West Interiors assisted Hazen and Sawyer with the interior design of our Virginia Beach office. Susan’s input on color, furniture layout, and creative design elements made an overwhelming task both fun and easy for us! She was the consummate professional – always meeting obligations as promised and always on time for our scheduled meetings. Susan is a creative and experienced designer, and I highly recommend the services of Christopher West Interiors.

Brooks McCrackin

Principal Proposal Writer, Hazen & Sawyer

A tremendous talent in dealing with complex projects. Knows the inside of the design business and is an outstanding administrator on all projects both Public and Private.

Thomas Beverly

Architect, T.M. Beverly & Associates

Creative, Intuitive, and personable, A valued teammate.

Scott Mitchell

Architect, Scott Mitchell Architecture


At Christopher West we are committed to providing a project that meets the needs of our clients from all aspects, including company image, goals, budget and schedule. We look forward to working with you.

  • Prelim. Design Activities
  • Concept Drawing
  • Design Development
  • Construction Documents
  • Furniture Selection & Specs.
  • Art & Accessories Implementation
  • Work with clients, leasing agents, building owners, and contractors to build a project strategy
  • Field verification of existing conditions
  • Programming of facility needs
  • Branding issues for the company and/or new facility
  • Researching specialized client needs
  • Space Planning
  • Interior concept development
  • Finish selection and specification
  • Presentation and concept boards
  • Code analysis
  • Elevation and details studies and sketches
  • Finalize finish selections
  • Coordination with consultants on project to include
  • Mechanical, electrical, plumbing, telecommunications, structural, kitchen, bar equipment, and any other client consultants
  • Coordination with architectural aspects of project
  • Develop lighting concepts
  • Preliminary mill work sketches

We provide construction drawings including:

  1. Provide construction drawings including:
  2. demolition plans
  3. new work plans to include partition plans (non-structural)
  4. wall and floor types
  5. elevations and details
  6. finish plans and finish schedules
  7. reflected ceiling plans and lighting intent drawings
  8. generic furniture layouts
  9. coordination with MEP, data and fire protection documents
  10. millwork drawings – elevations and details
  11. door and window schedules
  12. ADA issues review
  13. code compliance review
  14. specifications
  • Provide finish binders for general contractor and/or owner’s use
  • permit sets – City/County
  • Bid/Negotiation Activities
  • Meeting with GC’s prior to bids or negotiation
  • Review of bids or negotiation issues/documents to determine best value to the client
  • Construction Administration
  • Confirm required permits are obtained
  • Review construction contractor’s substitutions (shop drawings and samples)
  • Attend client meetings
  • Attend construction contractor meetings
  • Field visits – observe contractor/suppliers progress
  • Prepare the list of discrepancies of interior construction items
  • Prepare a preliminary furniture budget for new furniture required for the project
  • Inventory existing furniture and equipment
  • Create a report showing all furniture inventoried and provide recommendations for reuse and refurbishment
  • Selection of furniture including finishes and fabric options, based on budget and schedule constraints
  • Assist clients with the implementation of mock-ups by vendors for client review
  • Develop a set of furniture layout plans with item coded
  • Provide assistance to the furniture dealer(s) during the development of the bill of materials, as required
  • Assist the client (owner or leasing agent) in the selection, budgeting, and specification of art, accessories, and plants
  • Provide installation over sight for furniture and/or art, accessories and plants
  • Provide a list of deficiencies of items that are to be rectified by the dealer and/or manufacturer
  • Follow-up on deficiency items


  • Make art and accessory selections in response to client budget
  • Work with art vendor to assist with the purchase and installation of art and accessory package
  • Provide a list of deficiencies


We realize that your client’s facility may not require all of the above services. At the beginning of the design process it is helpful to develop a complete list of services that will be performed by Christopher West. If during the process of the project your needs change, our scope can be changed to address those needs.